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About Methodology Fitness & Therapy by Gene

Methodology Fitness and Therapy by Gene focuses on injury treatment, injury prevention and enhancing athletic performance.  Gene Fruchtman, the founder of Methodology Fitness and Therapy by Gene, has been developing individualized treatment and training protocols for the last 20 years helping hundreds of people heal from pain and achieve new heights of athletic performance.  Gene helps you break your barriers to Athletic Achievement and eliminating your pain by striking at the root causes of your problem. Read more about Gene.

Our Philosophy is simple: what you do matters, how you do it matters even more.

CLIENT reviews



"I am currently working with Gene Fruchtman and I highly recommend him.

He is very detail and result oriented and the most important thing is he cares about his clients' well being. His work out regime is simple but challenging. You would definitely get results as I am feeling the changes in my body in just 4-6 weeks of twice a week. To all of tennis players, Gene is aware of all the tennis movements and the necessary muscles group to work on. He could tailor his workout to meet the needs of your sports.

Also to your benefit, he is an experienced massage therapist so he could treat you for existing injuries and train you to prevent future injuries."

Dea Sumantri
Professional Tennis Coach


"His understanding of the way the body and muscles work, his certification as a personal trainer, his background in movement and dance and his personal experience in overcoming injury give him very unique perspective and understanding in helping me address my ongoing pain and discomfort.  

I feel worlds better with Gene's help, and give him a hearty recommendation for anyone looking for a masseuse to help with a chronic condition.  He is not only expert at pinpointing where the issue is, but he really cares about the outcome.  Two thumbs up!"

Melanie W

"What can I say about Gene, but that he is amazing. He knows the body; how it works; how to heal it; how to strengthen it; how to care for it; how to make you comfortable and understand what is going on with it.

Gene is truly the BEST. I’m virtually pain free now and cannot wait for him to put me on a full strengthening program so I can run, play racquetball/squash again as well as sleep in my left side which I haven’t done for over a year….it’s been TOO long."

Fran Davis

"Gene Fruchtman has been my massage therapist and personal trainer for over 12 years.  During that time I ran marathons, participated in triathlons, did cross country biking and, over the last three years, have taken up a new sport:  tennis.  I credit Gene with keeping me strong, balanced and injury free as I tackled each new endeavor.  His precise and scientifically based approach to fitness really delivers results.  He is also very kind and compassionate which enables he to tailor his fitness program to fit your needs." 

Kathryn H

His precise and scientifically based approach to fitness really delivers results. 

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