ABOUT gene


Gene Fruchtman brings two decades of experience working with men and women to meet their fitness goals. Most of his clients have found that having someone who understands their unique challenges, has the knowledge to apply the most current understanding of exercise physiology, and utilizes a variety of modalities makes the difference between success and failure.

Gene’s passion for fitness and massage emerged after he discovered the tremendous healing qualities and empowerment from training, dancing and massage while healing an old knee injury he incurred in High School (read the full story here).  Since his success of treating his own injury under the guidance of veteran dancers of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, Gene evolved into a fitness fanatic, dancer, rollerblader, racquetball and tennis player, skier, cyclist and aerobics enthusiast with a passion for helping individuals perform at their highest and best levels.  Gene’s experience to heal his own injuries helped guide his clients to focus on optimal body mechanics, proper form as well as injury treatment and prevention techniques. Gene has trained and provided therapeutic massage services for competitive Ice skate dancers, USTA as well as collegiate and youth competitive tennis players, Tennis and racquetball coaches and players, marathon runners, cyclists, and competitive MMA fighters.  Gene has  created and taught group classes for USTA tennis teams, Gold’s gym, Nautilus Northwest, and for competing ice dance skaters through Washington Ice Skating Association, and weekend warriors.