"As a client of Gene’s for 13 years, I continue to be impressed with his ability to pinpoint what exercises and massage techniques will benefit me most.  His skill as both personal trainer and masseuse is particularly effective in combating my work- and lifestyle- induced stress and injuries.  I credit Gene for staving off carpal tunnel and allowing me to work at my computer and play at sports and video games that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do without pain.  I wouldn’t go to anyone else!" 

Lani Bertino

"Out of over one hundred individual massage therapists I have visited, Gene is by far the most talented, skilled, and effective. He sees and understands human anatomy with a unique vision that immediately discerns a root injury and its intricate constellation of referred problems. On many occasions, Gene has been able to fully cure an acute pain episode in a single session. His is very personable and professional and I unreservedly give my strongest recommendation."


Glen Slayden
Linguist, musician

"I am currently working with Gene Fruchtman and I highly recommend him.

He is very detail and result oriented and the most important thing is he cares about his clients' well being. His work out regime is simple but challenging. You would definitely get results as I am feeling the changes in my body in just 4-6 weeks of twice a week. To all of tennis players, Gene is aware of all the tennis movements and the necessary muscles group to work on. He could tailor his workout to meet the needs of your sports.

Also to your benefit, he is an experienced massage therapist so he could treat you for existing injuries and train you to prevent future injuries."

Dea Sumantri
Professional Tennis Coach

"I am a dental surgeon and have been a client of Gene Fruchtman’s for the past 13 years.  I began as a massage client of his and then when he received his advanced personal training certificate, I also became a personal training client of Gene’s.  I made this choice because the physical demands of being a surgeon and improper muscle use over the years from less than ideal postural positions had caused me to have chronic hip, neck and shoulder pain.  I knew that my professional career would be shortened by physical ailments if I didn’t make a change.

With Gene’s insights from massages, I learned which muscles I needed to strengthen so as to function in my profession for many years without pain. As it turns out, I developed muscular imbalances that were a result from the demands of my profession on my body. These imbalances were causing my chronic pain, which Gene was constantly trying to alleviate with massage. So, it was a natural progression for me to work with Gene as a personal trainer because I felt that his understanding of body mechanics and experience in fitness, coupled with his awareness of my particular muscular weaknesses was just what I needed to help me. I am happy to say that I was absolutely right! Gene is such an effective trainer because he has unique intuitive ability, knowledge of the fundamentals, and pays intense attention to detail.  He has the skills to translate areas of pain into targeted workout opportunities for learning how to heal injuries and better support physical work demands, which also improves overall performance, well being and balance. I have recommended Gene’s services to my husband, and lots of friends and family and I always hear the same reaction from them- “Thanks for the referral, that was amazing!”

Beth Gold